The following accounts give a small sample of the many interactions that go on in a crisis pregnancy center. We pray you are blessed by them. 


There is GREAT NEWS to report. Planned Parenthood in Encinitas permanently closed their doors! PRAISE GOD! Your prayers were heard. Thank you so very much. Lives are being saved. We pray that the women who would have considered going there will now seek help through organizations with alternatives for abortion.




The staff had spoken with a young woman who had called inquiring about abortions. She did not like the thought of it, however was quite set in having one and wanted to know all she could in advance. The counselor told her we had a lot of good information that would enable her to be well informed of what to expect. An appointment was made for the next day, which was the day I was scheduled to counsel.


When she arrived, I greeted her and led her into the counseling office where we could speak privately. She looked around the office taking in the information posted on the wall and looked at the models depicting fetal development from three weeks to nine months. We talked about her life and the plans she had while waiting for the results of the pregnancy test. She and her boyfriend had recently broken up and he had returned to Mexico to be with his family. She lived with her mother and looked forward to enrolling in college courses in the fall. However, she was quite concerned that she may be pregnant. We calculated how far along she may be and found it to be approximately 10 weeks.  I remarked at how developed the baby would be at this stage and showed her an example. Baby would have eyes, ears, arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers and toes. Gender would be discernable. The heart is functioning, internal organs are in place, and brain waves are quite active. “Ding” the timer went off and we looked at the results - positive. Her worst fear had become reality. She was absolutely stunned.


She sat in the chair trying to take it all in and began to weep. I came around the desk and put my arm around her shoulders to comfort her. After a few moments I began to speak. I told her she had a new path before her, but one that did not have to deter her plans. Perhaps slow them down a bit, but not keep her from them. Baby would bring a new dimension into her life and she would now experience what millions of women have experienced before her. As she looked at me through her tears I assured her that whatever she planned to do, she needed to proceed cautiously and make a decision that she could live with for the rest of her life. There is no easy way out of pregnancy and abortion cannot be undone.


As we went over the abortion procedures I explained what would happen to her, what would happen to her baby, as well as the long-term psychological and possible physical affects she may suffer in the future. I gave her information on medical insurance and access to resources for pregnant mothers and told her we may be able to find her a host home if things did not work out with her mother. However, I assured her that even though her mother who may be initially disappointed might be more than likely to support her, being a mother herself and understanding the circumstances.  Before the session was over, she cried several more times, but had come to terms that she herself was now a mother and she was carrying a child. Abortion was no longer an option.


We discussed adoption opportunities; however, she dismissed them and said she would keep the child. She smiled when I mentioned she could look forward to picking a name and begin preparing for the arrival of her son or daughter. While leaving, she expressed how very grateful she was and that we were there to help.


The phone rang and I answered greeting the caller. The voice on the other end was nervous. "Is there someone who can talk to me about abortion?" she asked. "Yes, absolutely." I responded. "NOW?" she insisted. "Yes, now." I answered. She had four children, two each from two marriages. Presently in the throes of divorce from the second of two abusive husbands, she was distraught and needing to talk with someone about baby number five in the womb. Her first two children, now 19 and 20, no longer at home, are addicted to drugs having grown up witnessing their mother being beaten often. There was little positive parental guidance for them in the home. Her other two, ages 9 and 11 were with her. The 11-year old had a disability needing special care. Struggling as a single mother, she did not feel she would have enough love and energy for baby as well as properly care for the others. Baby had to go and although she felt abortion was wrong, it seemed the only option as adoption was out of the question. Noting her concern for the other children I assured her that she would have the love necessary for baby and that the others would more than likely welcome a new brother or sister into the family. We continued to talk at length about what she would go through in the years to come if she chose abortion. Birth Choice offers support and counseling referrals to any woman (or man) who has suffered the loss of a child through abortion. We would help her. However it would be far better to not travel that road to begin with. She believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and attended a local church. As the conversation went on she opened her heart to reconsidering. Her previous drug addiction had severely damaged her ability to cope, but she was not without reason. We prayed together. She was deeply moved. She agreed to wait a few days and to pray to make sure that her decision would be the "right" thing.





I was not scheduled to work the next day, so when she came into the office claiming "I've made a decision and I know it's right." one of the other counselors took her into the counseling room to hear what she had to say, not knowing what her plans were. "I've decided to keep the baby." she said. Praise the Lord for speaking to her heart! God full of grace and mercy was watching.


As much as we were thankful for the successful outcome, we learned shortly thereafter that she had taken a fall and miscarried. Though baby was not destined to remain here on earth the trials of the heart were won in Christ and victory is still claimed over what occurred in these lives. She had turned to the Lord in time of need and released her life to what she knew would honor Him. Though sad to loose the baby, her heart was at peace with the decision she had made.


One Saturday morning in December, I waited in the cold and rain to meet a 19-year old woman at the Oceanside Pier. We had made the appointment two days earlier when she called the office in desperation. She had had an abortion last August and was again pregnant, now at 10 weeks. She knew abortion was wrong, but did not want to carry this child as she was addicted to cocaine and crystal methamphetamine and felt no one would want the child. I told her there were many families who would welcome the babe. We talked at length and at one point I asked her what her dream of the future was. She said she once wanted to be a nurse. Then I asked “And now what do you want to do?” She replied “Die”. The word still echoes in my mind. She did not keep our appointment. I tried to call her and left messages. Messages that told her how much God loves and cherishes her, her baby, and that there is a hope and a way out of where she was at. How I would love to let her know more about Jesus. She did not return my calls. Would her decision have been different if we had been able to offer an ultrasound to let her see her baby in the womb? I don’t know.


On another case we were able to help a 22-year old, 5 months along in her pregnancy who had also called in desperation. She was living with friends of her abusive boyfriend and they too were less than kind to her. She needed safe refuge. We were able to place her in a host home where she was able to stabilize her life, found temporary work with a medical facility, and where by God’s grace it was discovered she had a severe kidney infection for which she was able to get medical care. Praise Jesus!


This is a work that can move the heart from joy to shock and distress in mere minutes. Challenging moments are always a breath away when the phone rings. Of late we have experienced several young ladies in crisis pregnancies who have felt a strong desire to carry to term, but who are also being quite pressured to abort by baby’s father. This has been a tremendous battle to encourage the new mother all the while knowing she will be met with opposition. A recent counseling session I had with one young woman rendered her decision to carry the child even if it meant moving back to another town where the rest of her family lives in order to get encouragement and support. How I thank God for the movement of His Spirit to strengthen these women to stand against the one who would destroy the tiny lives in the womb.