National Women's Conference, Lira, Soroti and Dokolo, Uganda
Imagine you are in Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, sitting at a table enjoying a cup of tea awaiting your flight to return to your homeland when four men approach you. Two sit at the table next to you, one sits between that table and yours, the fourth sits at your table and then initiates a conversation with you.
You discover they are Pastors returning from a Pastor’s Conference to their homeland. Their homeland just happens to be Uganda, the country you had just visited to distribute Bibles prior to the visit to Israel. During the conversation the Pastor at your table invites you to come speak at a National Women’s Conference the following year.  The next year when you arrive, you discover you are the keynote speaker to 700 women! And the LORD made miraculous ways for you to attend and even later return.  They are precious women who work very hard.  My heart goes out to them and many others in the villages.  How hard their lives are to put a meal on the table, but OH how they LOVE the LORD.  I have learned so much from them.  Truly LORD God I am grateful and look forward to seeing so many of them in heaven and we will laugh and sing and worship and praise our KING Jesus Christ!
So there you were, just waiting for your plane, then God moved…and move He did. Many lives touched and changed by His Spirit and His Word, many lives restored and renewed to new life in Christ, many lives that will never be the same…. including your own. How high are His ways.