Praise and Thanksgiving ~
  • For His abundant goodness
  • For so many who have extended themselves in so many ways to help support the work. I am so very grateful.
  • For invitations to return to teach in the churches and villages in Uganda & Rwanda.
~ Pray ~
Israel ~
  • The leaders would turn to the LORD and honor Him according to His word.
  • Wisdom and fortitude for the leaders.
  • Pray the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) would be strong and alert. That the Lord would continue to grant them favor.
  • Pray Israel’s enemies would come to see that the God of Israel blesses this little nation and that many would come to know Him and Yeshua (Jesus) before it is too late. And that fighting againstIsrael is fighting against the Lord.
  • That all the wicked plans of the enemy would be thwarted.
  • Pray the Jewish leaders would not hinder or stop those who have desire to help Israel. That they would make exception for those who are non-threatening to Israel’s security.
  • To continue to bring others alongside the nation as well as this ministry to bless Israel.
  • The Lord’s blessings upon those who bless Israel.
Other ~
  • For the persecuted church ~ for the thousands of Christians who die everyday for being Believers, for their families, for those who have come against them.
  • For the hearts to open and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • For wisdom as to the inevitable next step.  
  • That the Lord would bless this ministry to continue.
    • . . .and always, pray for peace in Jerusalem