The Brown Dwarf Planetary System ~ Planet X/Nibiru

Has Already Begun to Bring Catastrophic Consequences World Wide


The pull from the magnetic polar axis of the planets of both solar systems affect each system as planets will attract and repel just as magnets do.  Our earth is and has been a 'wobbling' state for several years.  The degree of shift from the sun is the source of our earth's "Global Warming" or "Climate Change".  However, this is only a part of the affects hitting us.  This pulling and repelling causes great stress on our earth even to its core.  Waves of plasma energy is traveling through our solar system affect the earth's crust resulting in increased volcanoes and earthquakes.  The closer they get the greater the stress. Methane gas is release, the animals of the earth, sea and air are greatly affected.  Migrating animals are misguided. Since 1996, natural disasters, unexpected weather patterns as well as the natural water displacement of our oceans and seas are altered by the inconsistent tilt of the earth.  This has resulted in severe flooding along coastlines. 

But we've only just begun. Several planetary bodies have been seen, mostly through infrared filters, however they are now becoming evident with the naked eye. 










Water Becomes Blood Red link                               River Turns Red In Port Maria Jamacia ~ link

        River is stained red blood in North Sumatra ~ link                  Sign: River Turns Blood Red in Canada ~ link


The number of animals perishing is astronomical; birds, fish, land animals by the masses all around the world.  It is devastating by its sheer numbers.  The affects to the economies is in the untold billions and trillions.  Economic, health, disease and hunger issues are affected.  The causes vary but one thing remains the same, it is getting worse year after year.

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All which leads to the question of;

How will this impact the rest of the world’s population. . . ?